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There's ministry, and there's The Ministry. We always knew that. 

Now we're learning it again....

October 12, 2017—a Thursday—a network of peers, mentors and sages gather to tell stories, ask questions, and connect with others who are redeeming, reclaiming, and reframing the M word.




January 2007, I was late.  Our first meeting and I’d gone to the wrong Starbucks.  I called Jim’s cell, “I’m on my way, I’m sorry.  I went to the wrong one.”

“No problem.  I’m here.”

I found Henderson sitting at the back, sipping his habitual tea. I was trying to get him to be my field advisor at Seattle U. He said he’d think about it.  We started talking about “the church”. Both of us had recently exited, but we hadn’t left – not completely. I asked him some mega question about “the future of the church”. He smiled and said, “Jeff, I don’t know about that, but I can save you ten years.”

A decade later, he has saved me 10 years. I’m still in ministry but not very much of it is in church.  Jesus found me at Spring Street International School – a liberal, non-traditional 6-12 grade school that takes trips. I’ve gone from starting a Christian classical school to teaching World Religions and Cultures at Spring Street.  

I’ve flirted with ‘full-time ministry’ over the years, but that dog’s never hunted. Ministry – intentionally partnering with Jesus to influence my world – that still matters. Maybe more than ever.  It’s continued to matter to Jim too.  Since that first Starbucks meeting, he’s shown me what counts and obsessively introduced me to others doing “ministry” themselves. Hack the Ministry is a chance for all of us to be introduced, to share how Jesus influences our worlds – wherever those worlds happen to be.

Most of us haven’t given up on meaning, we still believe that Jesus is a worthy partner.  Some of us still go to church, but balancing meaning and money? Wondering if what we’re doing, where we feel Jesus, if that counts? Many of us are there. Hack the Ministry is a place for the real deal – not optimism, not a pep rally, just mentors, sages and fellow Jesus-partners learning from each other.