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There's ministry, and there's The Ministry. We always knew that. 

Now we're learning it again....

October 12, 2017—a Thursday—a network of peers, mentors and sages gather to tell stories, ask questions, and connect with others who are redeeming, reclaiming, and reframing the M word.

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Nancy Short

In 2011, Nancy Short decided to try her had at growing food for a local food bank.  Her first food bank garden ended after one season. Her second endeavor resulted in leading a community food bank garden for four years. 

By 2015, Nancy led more than 50 volunteers, from two private schools, numerous Boy Scout troops, and a host of ninja gardeners, young and old, as they worked together to donate 4,000 pounds of organically grown produce to the food bank.

Today, Nancy teaches for the Shoreline School District. She is passionate about kids and gardening. Her tag line is All hands in the dirt. Nancy stewards a thirteen-tree orchard on her school site, where her students grow vegetables in raised beds and tend the fruit trees.