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There's ministry, and there's The Ministry. We always knew that. 

Now we're learning it again....

October 12, 2017—a Thursday—a network of peers, mentors and sages gather to tell stories, ask questions, and connect with others who are redeeming, reclaiming, and reframing the M word.


Depending on your age, and how long you've been doing what you're doing, you might consider any of these folks as a peer, a mentor, or a sage. They're in this particular conversation because they tell remarkable, credible, stories about learning to hack the M word.


Jim Henderson

USA TODAY described Jim Henderson  this way: “Henderson has blazed a new path as an innovator, author, church-evaluator, self-professed subversive, and leader in the creation of new ways to be publicly and persuasively Christian in the 21st century.”  MORE


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Michelle Lang

Michelle Lang was drawn from Washington State to Washington, DC where she was mentored at the Arena Stage by the legendary Ruby Dee. 

Back in the Pacific Northwest, Michelle became Music Director of Seattle's Teen Summer Musical. She has worked with the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, ACT Theater, and Seattle Public Schools. Michelle recently relocated to Portland, to be Director of Campus Ministries at Warner Pacific College.  MORE



David Kinnaman

David Kinnaman is president and majority owner of The Barna Group. Dave sends regrets that he cannot be present at Hack the Ministry, but offered to sit down with Jim Henderson to record a video conversation about the current state of "ministry”.  MORE






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Christine Wicker

Christine Wicker is an award-winning journalist and author. Her new work, The Simple Faith of Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Religion’s Role in the FDR Presidency, is the first book to document the vital role that Roosevelt’s deep Christian beliefs played in beating the Great Depression and winning World War II.

While Hitler sought to destroy Jews, viewing their religious teachings as a primary danger to his own “survival of the fittest” doctrine, Roosevelt embraced those teachings as the only way for the United States and the world to truly flourish.

Wicker will talk about why Roosevelt’s faith has been so rarely acknowledged and why the story of his faith is so important today.  MORE


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Celia Riley

Celia Riley is a Partner with College Bound Inc. She mentors at-risk students in Washington D.C. She is a Court Appointed Advocate for foster children and unaccompanied minors. She has worked to help resettle refugees.

Celia is also a Republican political operative with a lot of experience in opposition research.  MORE








Todd Hunter

Todd Hunter has covered the map. He's the founding bishop of The Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others and the founding pastor of Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Costa Mesa, CA. He was President of Alpha USA. He was National Director for the Association of Vineyard Churches.

He is author of Christianity Beyond Belief, Giving Church Another Chance, The Outsider Interviews, The Accidental Anglican, Our Favorite Sins and Our Character at Work.  MORE



Kelly Collins

Major Kelly Collins is Divisional Commander for the Heartland Division of the Salvation Army. She doesn’t like talking about herself. She likes talking about how the Salvation Army pursues it mission to preach the Gospel of Jesus and meet human needs in his name without discrimination.  MORE


Fred Lynch

Fred Lynch was a founding member of one of world's first gospel rap acts…talk about hacking the ministry…. P.I.D. who recorded six albums, stood for Preachers in Disguise—though, years later, the evangelical apologist, Josh McDowell,  cautioned Fred that the initials also signify pelvic inflammatory disease, so...there's that. 

Fred has been hacking M word for more than a quarter of a century, doing what it takes to keep going, no matter what.  MORE




Brian Wardlaw

Brian Wardlaw has lived seven years in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, where he concentrates on finding ways to be present with his neighbors, listening, learning, making a living and growing in his view of, as he puts it, "what God is doing in our world.”  MORE








Jana Dietrick.jpeg

Jana Detrick

Jana Detrick is a thirty-something  singing-songwriting Seattlite who loves "journaling out loud” and in tune. Given the opportunity, she is not shy about karaoke. 

Much of Jana’s present life is occupied by her work as a Hospital Chaplain, and Counseling Psych grad student.  MORE





Sandi Wagner Horine

Sandi Wagner Horine spent 20 years in the ministry — 13 years with the United Methodist Church and seven with a midwestern Vineyard mega church.

Then she figured out many of the neediest kids in the community gathered in public schools every day with other, similarly needy, kids. So, a dozen years ago, Sandi dropped out of the ministry, and into ministry as a school counselor in Cincinnati Public Schools.  MORE


Bruce Logue

Bruce Logue has  been a full-time pastor for over 40 years.  Bruce is the Secretary of the Board for Playhouse Merced, the performing arts theatre that is also home to his congregation,  LifeSpring Church in Merced, California. Bruce is a past Chairman of the Board for the Merced Chamber of Commerce, and a Senior Fellow in The American Leadership Forum.  MORE





Valerie Carr

Valerie Carr—that’s Captain Carr to you—was commissioned as a Salvation Army officer in 2003. In her middle-teens, following a childhood during which church seemed like a club where “Jesus” was the  password, The Salvation Army showed up for her family after mental illness led to the hospitalization of a sibling. That concentrated care thoroughly scrambled Val’s understanding of what church could, and should, be as an expression of God’s kingdom.  MORE



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Marc Roland

Marc Roland found a path from church planter to teacher to vintner + pastor.  MORE


John Armstrong

John H. Armstrong said, "At the very moment when mission is in our neighborhoods and on our doorsteps in common public space where our people live and work we must do better. We can only do better if we find our way forward as partners and collaborators in Christ’s mission."

John is an ordained minister of Word and Sacrament in the Reformed Church in America, the founder and president of the ACT3 Network (Advancing the Christian Tradition in the Third Millennium).  MORE



Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith is intensely focused on the intersection of meaning and education.

Jeff has invested two-and-a-half decades teaching, coaching. He founded the Paideia Classical School in Friday Harbor, Washington, and is presently Academic Coordinator at Spring Street International School in Friday Harbor. Recently, Jeff and his spouse, Tina, were photobombed by the remains of a North American Edmontosaurus regalis.  MORE




Chivo Hawkins

Chivo Hawkins—Nathan, he was called as a child—has a long history of consorting with folks who aren’t exactly insiders to North American Christendom. He works, these days, with church planters through Stadia; before that, with the child development agency, Compassion;  before that, he was a church planter himself; and before that, he worked in a church in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

The worldview that drives Chivo, makes him to sort of person who knows people, and puts them together for their mutual benefit.  MORE


Nancy Short

Nancy Short has been instrumental in planting several churches in the Seattle area. She knows more about church planting than most pastors. Nancy is that key volunteer who will always show up and get things done.  MORE







Verlon Fosner

Verlon Fosner and his spouse, Melodee, started an urban Agapé Feast Church in 2004. Within a year, hundreds of friends and neighbors gathered around their tables every week to share meals and talk about Jesus. That was just the beginning. MORE






Mo Graduated.jpg

Mo Schuster

Mo Schuster carries a recently-minted Masters Degree in Social Work. Mo says, "In my Masters Program I met many people who work with the severely mentally ill on the streets in Seattle, or heading up homeless projects, or working with the dying, or the sexually exploited or the abused. Ministry isn’t opening doors on Sunday and throwing some tokens out to the needy once in awhile. Ugh!”  MORE



Jim Hancock

Jim Hancock is a content designer, working in digital movies, print, web content, creative services, and the occasional live event. His first career comprised two decades alongside teenagers and families as a church-based youth worker. Some portion of this second career is do-overs for errors and omissions in the first one.  MORE