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There's ministry, and there's The Ministry. We always knew that. 

Now we're learning it again....

October 12, 2017—a Thursday—a network of peers, mentors and sages gather to tell stories, ask questions, and connect with others who are redeeming, reclaiming, and reframing the M word.




Gathering with this particular (some might say peculiar) group of people, in this particular place, in the context of this particular American moment … was genuinely remarkable.

The mix of peers, mentors and sages in the room generated profound, fun, deep thinking, plenty of lively questions, and refreshingly frank - reliably gracious - responses.

We’ll have more to say as folks respond in the coming days. We’ll do our best to make meaning of the experience, and communicate what we learn, where we have new questions, and what we think it all means for people who have been, and are, and hope to redeem the “M” word. 

Meanwhile, very special thanks to the passionate innovators and practitioners around The Shoe that GrowsDinner Church Collective, Ballard Homestead, and Alexa’s Cafe & Catering They pitched in to make this happen. We hope you'll seek them out — they may be able to serve you — you may be able to serve with them.


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Hacking culture takes the world as it is...

...and bends what is to accomplish other things, more things, and new things that need doing. Sometimes, hackers just figure out how do the same things better.

We know people who HACK the MINISTRY because the world is turning and people are learning to love God and serve others where they are, not where they’re supposed to be (whatever that means). 

October 12, we’re gathering in Seattle to learn from folks who are hacking the ministry — some of them have been at it for decades, both inside and outside what we think of as the ministry.

In 12 hours — 10 am to 10 pm:

• You’ll hear short, provocative talks from some of the best ministry hackers we know.

•  You’ll have time to ask questions, and push back (graciously) if you can’t make sense of the answers.

• You’ll laugh together, eat together, and have chances to trade ministry hacks and (if you want) trade contact info with folks ahead of you, behind you, and right where you are.

• You’ll be in a space where you’re welcome to be who you are — introvert or extravert; internal or external processor; linear or lateral thinker; scholar, seeker, mystic, doubter …  anything but a bully, know-it-all, or steam roller. 

Solo Tickets are $49, including meals.

Friends Tickets are $99 for three people, so you can come with a couple of friends.


When David Kinnaman, who runs the Barna Group, realized he wouldn't be able to be at Hack the Ministry he sat down with Jim Henderson to talk about data on the changing face of "ministry." This is a fragment of that conversation. Look for more at Hack the Ministry.

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When I said yes to Jesus I didn't realize I was also saying yes to the church, the bible and Christianity.


REDEEMING the “M” Word

Almost 50 years ago I said yes to Jesus. I didn’t realize I was also saying yes to the church, the bible and Christianity. If you were raised in church you might find that incongruous, but that’s because you were raised in Christian culture. I wasn’t.




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